The Board of County Commissioners seeking public comment regarding the BLM Wilderness Study Areas located in Sweetwater County

The Board of County Commissioners is seeking public comment regarding Sweetwater County BLM Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs).   Information about the WSAs can be found on the Board of County Commissioners webpage.  There is also a feedback form where you can submit your comments to the board.

A public meeting will be held Tuesday, March 6th during the regular Board of County Commissioners meeting.  The public meeting will start at 10:45 am.

In 1980, the BLM districts in Wyoming completed their identification of Wilderness Sudy Areas (WSAs) and then made WSA recommendations to the BLM Wyoming State Office.  Between 1980 and 1990, these WSAs were further analyized in Environmental Impact Statements (EISs).  These EISs became the foundation for the 1991 State BLM WSA Recommendation to Congress.  To date Congress has not acted upon these recommendations.