Wilderness Study Area Information

Wilderness Study Area Information

The following 13 Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) are wholly or partially located in Sweetwater County.  These 13 WSAs are summarized under 12 documents because Devils Playground and Twin Buttes WSAs were combined into one WSA unit called Devils Playground/Twin Buttes by the 1991 BLM recommendation to Congress. Sweetwater County shares two WSAs, Whitehorse Creek and Honeycomb Buttes, with Fremont County (see the included BLM 1991 Recommendation WSA summary map). The 13 WSA encompass approximately 247,000 acres or approximately 3.7 percent of Sweetwater County. 

Introduction Letter
Adobe Town WSA
Alkalai Basin - East Sand Dunes WSA
Alakai Draw WSA
Buffalo Hump WSA
Devil's Playground Twin Buttes WSA
Honeycomb Buttes WSA
Oregon Buttes WSA
Red Creed Badlands WSA
Red Lake WSA
Sand Dunes WSA
South Pinnacles WSA
Whitehorse Creek WSA

The following information is also very informative

Wilderness Study Areas Colored Map
1991 BLM Wilderness Study Area Recommendations
Wyoming Game and Fish Department Wilderness Study Area Comments

For those who would like to see these using Google Earth Pro, you can import the following file to view the Sweetwater County WSAs

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